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The shortening of space by roads—The frontier of the
Urals—Moscow must disappear—The treasures of the

The beauties of the Crimea, which we shall make accessible
by means of an autobahn—for us Germans, that will be our
Riviera. Crete is scorching and dry. Cyprus would be lovely,
but we can reach the Crimea by road. Along that road lies
Kiev! And Croatia, too, a tourists’ paradise for us. I expect
that after the war there will be a great upsurge of rejoicing.
Better than the railway, which has something impersonal
about it, it’s the road that will bring peoples together. What
progress in the direction of the New Europe! Just as the autobahn

has caused the inner frontiers of Germany to disappear,
so it will abolish the frontiers of the countries of Europe.
To those who ask me whether it will be enough to reach the
Urals as a frontier, I reply that for the present it is enough for
the frontier to be drawn back as far as that. What matters is
that Bolshevism must be exterminated. In case of necessity, we
shall renew our advance wherever a new centre of resistance is
formed. Moscow, as the centre of the doctrine, must disappear
from the earth’s surface, as soon as its riches have been brought
to shelter. There’s no question of our collaborating with the
Muscovite proletariat. Anyhow, St. Petersburg, as a city, is
incomparably more beautiful than Moscow.
Probably the treasures of the Hermitage have not been
stored at the Kremlin, as they were during the first World War,
but in the country-houses—unless they’ve been shifted to the
cities east of Moscow, or still further by river.

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