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LinkedIn had been the only major Western social-media platform operating in China.’ – is this true? If yes, then there are none left operating in China?

‘Recently, LinkedIn blacklisted several journalist accounts, including those of Melissa Chan and Greg Bruno, from its China-based website.’ – CCP censorship in action? ‘Mr Bruno, who has written a book documenting China’s treatment of Tibetan refugees, told Verdict he was not surprised the Chinese Communist Party did not like it but was “dismayed that an American tech company is caving into the demands of a foreign government”.’

US senator Rick Scott called the move a “gross appeasement and an act of submission to Communist China”, in a letter to LinkedIn chief executive Ryan Roslansky and Microsoft boss Satya Nadella.– emphasis on the term ‘appeasement’ is interesting and harks back to the days pre-WW2.

‘Seven years on, it has struggled against local competitors and run into regulatory problems. In March, LinkedIn was reportedly punished by the Chinese regulator for failing to censor political content, resulting in a suspension of new user registration for 30 days. Other than controversy over censorships, the platform has been used by Chinese intelligence agencies as a recruitment tool. – aka ‘The Ministry of State Security‘.

Ministry of State Security of the People's Republic of China.svg
The Ministry of State Security (China)

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