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By Wanyuan Song
BBC Reality CheckPublished10 October 2021

Beijing Sinopharm plant packaging area
China says it has provided more than half of all the Covid-19 vaccines manufactured globally.

‘A video posted on social media by the Chinese Communist Party’s youth league claims that over half the world’s vaccines have come from China.’ – In summary, yes, China appears to have produced more than half the world’ Covid-19 vaccines, but let’s not forget where the majority of those vaccines ended up – China! 2.2 Billion does were used in China while 1.2 Billion were exported. ‘Research by Airfinity forecasts that by December, a total of 12.2 billion doses will have been produced around the world – 5.7 billion of these Chinese vaccines and the rest non-Chinese.’

Bar chart of vaccine production in China, EU, India and US

Conspiracy theorists may suggest an analogy to the above vaccine production ‘boast’ (if you can it that) – e.g. ‘Your neighbour houses stray dogs in unsanitary conditions, providing a breeding ground for disease. Your neighbours stray dogs get loose from their compound in Wuhan and spread out across their neighbours’ lands. China then boasts that they have provided more than half the poop bags needed to clear up their mess’…….

Stray dogs on the loose
Stray dogs on the loose


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